Anilox Roll
JCTPRINT's anilox ceramic roller and sleeve are precise, durable and reliable. JCTPRINT Laser Engraved Anilox Roller with Ceramic Liner and Ceramic Sleeve is commonly used in flexographic printing. However, they can also be used in other printing processes. Contact us for your customization options.
Various Anilox Rolls For You To Choose
  • Sleeve type anilox roller

    Size range: 10cm-1200cm
    LPI range:80-2000lpi
    Material: Cr2O3
    Delivery time: 20-30 days

  • Ceramic anilox roller

    Size range: 10cm-1200cm
    LPI range:80-2000lpi
    Material: Cr2O3
    Delivery time: 15-25 days

  • Proofing anilox roller

    Size range: 10cm-1200cm
    LPI range:80-2000lpi
    Material:Cr2O3/Steel 45#
    Delivery time: 15-25 days

  • Metal anilox roller

    Size range: 10cm-1200cm
    LPI range:80-300
    Material: 45# Steel
    Delivery time: 15-25 days

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Bảng so sánh thông số cuộn Anilox
What details of our anilox roll attract customers?
Quality control
Engraving technology by British ALE laser engraving machine, the transmission and discharge behavior is optimized.
Accurate ink transfer
The use of low-porosity, high-density ceramic allows the plates to release ink more completely and evenly.​​
Short lead time
Relying on a complete and efficient production line, we promise to ship the product within 10-20 days.​
We use plywood box packaging, which is safe and strong, and protects the product very well.
Our Business Partner

Why choose JCTPRINT Anilox?
Number of years of experience in the industry
Recognized by many countries and regions
More than 300 technical teams
Deep cooperation with many companies
Cleaning the Anilox roll
First,We have cleaning brush, which is divided into steel brush and copper brush, steel brush suitable for ceramic roller and copper brush suitable for metal roller. These two models are divided into normal type and ultra-thin type. Regular grade is suitable for less than 400 LPI and super fine grade is suitable for more than 400 LPI.
Second, we have ultrasonic anilox roll cleaning machine for your choice.
Model: 1500
Cleaning bucket size (L*W*D): 1230*320*120
Vibrator area (mm): 1040*200
Ultrasonic frequency: 40khz
Number of oscillations: 30
Single oscillation power (w): 50
Ultrasonic power (w): 1500
Heating power (w): 3000
Machine weight (kg): 200
Dimensions (mm): (face length + 500) mm * 650 mm * 800 mm
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